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Moore Funeral and Cremation


A Family Operated Funeral Home

Moore Funeral and Cremation, like many local businesses, has a long and proud history of personal service provided by families with deep roots in the local community and a long-term commitment to upholding professional standards. The vision at Moore Funeral and Cremation is to provide a place where families could share in the comfort of a beautiful place to honor and pay tribute to a life lived.

Today, Moore Funeral and Cremation is family operated by the Vice Family and it remains true to its vision.

Because Moore Funeral and Cremation is locally operated, and because it is a ministry-focused funeral home and cremation provider, you can rest knowing that we will do our utmost best to meet all of your needs. At Moore Funeral and Cremation, we answer to you, not an out-of-state corporate office. We are a family operated funeral home and we take pride in providing our professional services with affordability and a commitment to caring for our community.

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Cremation Services

Families who choose cremation should also consider honoring the life of their loved one with a funeral or memorial ceremony.

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Questions and Answers

We understand that the loss of a loved one opens up many questions and that you may need guidance through the process.

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Our Facility

Moore Funeral and Cremation was
designed in order to offer a welcoming and
comfortable environment for your family.

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